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Product Care


Pro Club 6.5 oz. heavyweight t-shirts are the most popular in Los Angeles. Pro Club t-shirts are thick, tight around the neck and available in tall sizes. Pro Club t-shirts hold their shape even after several washes. There is nothing like the look of a brand new Pro Club t-shirt, but I am going to share with you our personal care instructions for a longer life of your Pro Club t-shirts.


  • Wash t-shirt in cold water only.
  • Let t-shirt hang dry naturally. Do not place in the dryer.
  • Iron t-shirt inside out. Only the body of the shirt at this time.
  • Use spray and steam function on your iron, or a spray bottle, to mist water on section of shirt you are ironing. If you insist on spray starch, spray the area with mist water first, and then spray starch. Flakey residue is created from the starch, since you are ironing t-shirt inside out, it's OK.
  • Flip t-shirt right side out and finish ironing out any wrinkles. Iron sleeves to get that crease. You can use more mist water. Avoid using more starch, as it might flake up.
  • Never apply heat directly to the outside of your t-shirt. Lay a white bandana, or handkerchief, over your t-shirt to iron the outside. For white t-shirts this avoids burning and losing that crisp white look. For color shirts this avoids that burned ashy color.

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